About Me



I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with over 16  years of experience supporting individuals, children and their families.  In my former role as the Vice President of Social Services at one of the foremost foster care and adoption agencies in the country, I had the privilege of helping transform the lives of many.  I have served on the Board of Washington Adoption Reunion Movement (WARM) and am currently a School Board Director.  I also enjoy additional volunteer work as co-chair of a Racial Equity & Inclusion Committee in my school district. I have presented at numerous adoption conferences and been a guest speaker on NPR and an NBC-affiliated television station.  I am an adopted person with a unique understanding of the lifelong adoption issues that can impact all members of the adoption constellation.   

Education and Training

I attended Whitman College in Washington State and earned a B.A. in Psychology. I continued my studies at Columbia University in New York where I completed a Masters degree in Social Work in 2001. I am certified as an Attachment and Trauma Therapist through Cascadia Training, and I have post-graduate certification in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) through TCU Institute for Child Development. I am an Emdria trained EMDR therapist. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).  

Psychodynamic Approach

Psychodynamic therapy aims to address the foundation and formation of psychological processes in order to alleviate symptoms and improve people's lives. My treatment approach is client-centered and tailored to fit your individual or family's needs, in a safe and supportive environment.  Together we will consider emotions, thoughts, early-life experiences and beliefs to gain insight into your life and better understand present-day challenges, and to evaluate the patterns that have developed over time.  I will provide support, encouragement and practical strategies, and help you develop and achieve your goals and find hope and healing. 


Adoption, trauma, grief/loss, identity issues including race/culture, depression, anxiety, ADHD, family conflict, parenting, teens, divorce, infertility, post-partum issues, life transitions, and personal growth. I welcome people of all races, ethnic groups, religions/creed, genders, and sexual orientations.